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Lighting and Fans
We offer a full range of interior and exterior lighting options and electrical installation services. Whether it is one light fixture, a custom basement lighting layout or a comprehensive outdoor security lighting solution, we have the necessary tools, knowledge and experience to turn your plan into reality.

Your Southeast Michigan “Electrical Service Experts” install and replace ceiling fans, attic fans, whole house fans, bathroom ventilation fans and all other electric hard-wired fans and ventilation devices. Just call us and request a no-obligation FREE estimate for your fan or ventilation electrical project. For service and scheduling, Call 586.557.2760 or 248.390.7326 today!

Switches and Breakers
Dimmer switches allow you to add ambience to your room by setting just the right amount of light for a dinner party or when turned all the way up, reading your favorite electrical contracting magazine (yea, right!). Call and hear how easy it is to have dimmer switches added to your home’s special areas. Call 586.557.2760 or 248.390.7326

Is the switch turned on but the light is not? Does the breaker in your electrical service panel continually trip ever though you have reset it? Are all of the damp areas in your home protected with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI outlets? Are your bedroom circuits protected by the most modern fire prevention circuit breakers like Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters or AFCIs?

If you answered “yes” to either of the first two questions and “no” to either of the last two, you need to have a licensed electrical contractor on the phone recommending a solution. You could have a bad light switch, they do wear out. A constantly tripping electrical circuit breaker may mean more than you realize. GFCI protected outlets save lives. AFCIs prevent fires and since 2002, all new construction and remodels in residential bedrooms require AFCI protected circuits (lights and receptacles/outlets).

Electrical Panels and Wiring
​When you need an electrical service panel upgrade to accommodate more branch circuits or replace an outdated electrical service, look no further than Besst Electric, Inc. If you are concerned about the possible fire and safety hazard of an aging electric service panel in your home, we are here for you. 

On your request, we can help you decide the best, most economical and safest way to make your electrical panel repair or replacement happen. We will provide you with a free estimate and, only recommend what is necessary to achieve your electrical service panel replacement or upgrade needs.

Our electrical service panel upgrades and/or replacement service includes all material, labor and parts – including circuit breakers – to completely remove and replace your existing electrical service. We stand behind each service change and want you to know after the job is done – we remain committed to quality service years after we drive out of your neighborhood.

Additions and Remodels
Remodeling bathrooms, a kitchen or completely adding new rooms can help add to the value, enjoyment, aesthetics of your property. Besst Electric, Inc. stands ready to turn your plans into reality with updated lighting locations, installation of ceiling fans and the complete wiring of your new addition or garage conversion. We can also help with your out building power needs, workshop electrical load requirements and just about everything else when you are ready to revive, rebuild or add to your home and property. Call today and let’s discuss your needs – 586.557.2760 or 248.390.7326

•Kitchens – lighting, hood fans, microwave circuits, stove outlets, dishwasher/disposal connections, etc.
•Bathrooms – vanity lights and ventilation fans, shower and bath lights, heated floor elements, etc.
•New additions – complete wiring, lighting, ceiling fans, data/TV/telephone outlets, baseboard heaters, etc
•Outbuildings/Barns – power, lighting and other electrical equipment connection needs, etc.
•Garage conversions – outlets, switches, lighting, ceiling fans, smoke/fire detectors, TV/telephone, etc.
•Much more, just call Besst Electric, Inc. today at 586.557.2760 or 248.390.7326

Southeast Michigan's Authorized Generator Dealer & Installer

Generac has been trusted for over 50 years for providing dependable, stable, stand-by power for millions of customers from portable home units to commercial grade automatic power backup systems.
Besst Electric, Inc. is Southeast Michigan's Authorized Generac® Dealer. We are Licensed and Insured to install generators according to safety standards and building codes. We work directly with a Generac Project Manager, who is involved in every sale of Generac Generators.

Besst Electric, Inc. will handle:
•Your purchase of a generator to fit your personal/professional needs
•Installation of emergency backup generators
•Installation of the transfer switch
•6 to 8 critical circuits to backing up your entire electrical system
•All building and home permits
•Meeting with local inspectors

   Portable Generator         Portable Generator with           Stand Alone  
                                           Transfer Switch                    Generator

Let Besst Electric, Inc. help you with your power needs and never be left without power again.
Contact Us today for available models, pricing and to schedule your generator installation!

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